⭑ Where is your store based?
   VII operates out of Canada

⭑ Do you accept custom orders?
   While VII does not accept orders for custom garments, our main line does.  If you would like a custom item/garment please email for further details.

⭑ Do you loan out items for photoshoots/magazines?
   Yes, for business inquiries please fill out the contact form or email.

⭑ How often do you restock?
    Restocks are depending on the popularity of an item and usually only happen for 2 to 3 items
    per capsule.
    If an item you like is out of stock, feel free to use the contact store form to say which
    item(s) you would like to see restocked. It is not guaranteed those items will be restocked but
    your input will certainly be taken into account.

⭑Are you looking to sponsor/partner with anyone?
  Currently VII is not looking to sponsor any more people.
  If this changes, an announcement will be made via the VII newsletter and Instagram account

⭑ I’m an artist/designer/photographer/etc interested in collaborating with you, do you do collaborations?
   Thus far VII has been completely independent, but thats not to say that collaborations are not
   a possibility in the future.
   For collaboration inquiries, please email

⭑ Will you be participating at any events or pop ups?

Please check the instagram for updates on events and popups! @vii.ellixcain

Contact: info@shopviiellixcain.com